Freelance Developer - R&D Engineer

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You have a project and want someone to realize it ? You don't know about programming or not enough to complete your project ? We can discuss about it and then work together if you are interested !

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I am a freelance developer and pleased to work on any simple or challenging programming projects.

My portfolio

Main freelancer activities


Creation of static or complex websites with Django framework or Wordpress, Bootstrap or Foundation front-end.

Desktop applications

Development of CLI or GUI software on Linux or Windows in Python or C++.

Raspberry Pi & Arduino

Designing of devices based on Raspberry Pi or Arduino and development of embedded codes on those platforms.

Automated testing

Conception and deployment of automatic tests in web and desktop applications.

Image processing

Development and implementation of image processing algorithms or applications with OpenCV image processing library.

Scripts & Tools

Development of administration tools, utilities and automatization of tasks.

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